Hublot Classic Fusion 511.CM.7170.LR Best Replica Watch

Hublot is the top Swiss watch brand, and it was born in 1980. Each watch of the brand is full of innovation and unique concepts. It is also the first international watch brand in the industry that combines precious metals and natural rubber as raw materials. In terms of watchmaking materials and unique, innovative concepts of watches, Hublot occupies a critical position in the watch industry.

Today, this article introduces you to a Hublot Classic Fusion 511.CM.7170.LR top replica watch. The replica watch has a size of 45MM and is relatively large. It is suitable for people with a wrist circumference of more than 16CM. The movement is a replica HUB 1112 automatic movement. Next, let’s take a look at the workmanship of this classic Hublot replica watch.

The Hublot Classic Fusion series perfectly demonstrates the brand’s unique and creative concept. In contrast, the other series of the brand is relatively simple in this regard. In terms of design, the series can be classified as an elegant watch, but the changes it shows are not inferior to the Hublot Big Bang series.

This Hublot Classic Fusion replica watch features an ultra-thin size and dark blue radial black dial. It incorporates a more modern silhouette in the traditional design, which not only retains the essence of the Big Bang series design but also reproduces the more traditional one side.

This Hublot Classic Fusion replica watch uses the same deep black PVD steel casing as the original, with a strong personal style. The dial, which is the same as the genuine blue dial, has a brushed pattern that radiates from the middle of the hands to the surroundings. The color is as deep and cool as the genuine one. The size and specifications of the font and scale of the disc are also the same.

This Hublot replica watch has a diameter of 45 mm and a thickness of only 9 mm. The black and blue color of the case dial is paired with a simple three-pin, and the visual impact reaches a certain height. Besides, the bezel drawing process is accompanied by 6 H-shaped titanium screws. Although it belongs to a casual watch, it still has the layering and structure of such details.

The engraving of HUBLOT’s LOGO in the crown adopts an acid etching process. The chamfering of the threaded gear of the crown is the same as the genuine one. The damping feeling, such as the up-spin time, is full and has an excellent feel. The materials are exquisite, the streamlined design is integrated, and the polishing is very detailed. This high-quality replica watch is perfectly similar to the original.

This Hublot Classic Fusion genuine watch adopts the movement of SW300. The structure of SW300 is basically the same as that of ETA2892. Therefore, we made the seagull 2892 movement of this replica watch by grinding, the movement structure of the two can be said to be the same, the movement of Geneva twill, brushed, Hengbao LOGO, movement stamp (HUB11, SWISS, TWENTY-FIVE25JEWELS) are the same as the genuine ones.

The front of the strap is made of cowhide imitation crocodile pattern, and the back is made of natural rubber. Regardless of the length or specifications of the buckle, the degree of simulation is extremely high. Even the polishing of the details is in place. The front lettering of the buckle is slightly thinner than the original lettering. The length, specifications, and polishing are the same. Authenticity is the same, and the clasp is also an element that uses H’s LOGO, which is very creative.

The most excellent place of this Hublot Classic Fusion top replica watch lies in its blue charm. Throughout the watch, the men’s broad chest and mature power are exuded. This Hublot Swiss replica watch is stable in work time and has a power reserve of 41 hours. It is the best replica watch in the Hublot Classic Fusion series in the world!