Omega Constellation Double Eagle AAA Mens Replica Watch

Today this article will share with you an Omega Constellation Double Eagle series of mens replica watches. Omega’s four classic watch series are Constellation, Seamaster, Speedmaster, and De Ville. The Omega Seamaster series was born in 1948 and is deeply loved by diving enthusiasts and explorers; the Speedmaster series was famous for its cooperation with astronauts; the De Ville series is classic and elegant, and it is the first to carry coaxial escapement technology, while the Constellation series is One of the most recognizable fashion watches in the world.

The design of this replica Omega Constellation series combines dynamic and modern style. Omega Constellation Double Eagle mens watch shows the representative design elements of the series: decorated with the constellation star logo and decorated with the famous claws. The familiar horizontal strip links on the bracelet are cleverly designed and comfortable to wear.

This Omega Constellation Double Eagle top replica watch has a diameter of 38mm, and the case is made of 18K gold plated steel. The gold plating process is very meticulous; the metal frame has a perfect gloss, and will not fade. Two unique metal decorations on both sides are very delicate, and the Roman scale engraving on the bezel is also very delicate. The sapphire crystal mirror surface is very transparent, and the drill nail scale on the disc surface is also very textured and full of three-dimensional.

This Omega Constellation replica watch uses a classic three-hand design, exquisite and beautiful, showing the noble atmosphere of the watch. The size and shape of the calendar window in the dial remain the same as the original. The LOGO below the 12 o’clock position has a three-dimensional effect, and the printing of other fonts in the dial has no flaws. The dial uses a very dazzling gold color, showing a unique metallic luster as a whole. A circle of Greek numbers engraved on the bezel raises the grade while being different.

The mirror surface adopts the arc-shaped anti-reflective gemstone mirror surface, which is anti-abrasive. When viewed from the side, the mirror surface reflects a slightly blue light, which does not affect the watch under direct sunlight. The engraving of the teeth on the golden crown and the “Ω” logo is very similar to the genuine appearance, and the smoothness is also consistent.

This Omega Constellation Double Eagle replica watch uses imported movement imitation original automatic 8500 mechanical movements, and the performance is more stable. When referring to the 8500 movements, it is necessary to mention the coaxial escapement. The escapement can be said to be the heart of the mechanical watch. The famous watchmaker George Daniels in the late 1970s created a new escapement System-Coaxial escapement, and this invention solves the lubrication problem that has plagued the watch industry for centuries.

The details of this replica Omega Constellation Double Eagle watches are perfect. The strap adopts a brushed design, the chamfers on both sides of the bracelet are polished, will not scratch, and have gloss. The folding buckle is also polished and polished. Overall, the workmanship of this Omega Constellation Double Eagle replica watch is excellent, and it was restoring genuine quality at a low price.