Classic Cartier Santos De Cartier Square Replica Watch For Sale

The Santos De Cartier series, as the name implies, was launched to commemorate the Cartier brand. Square dial setting, the top cover of the dial, has eight screws to fix the frame, and the side is sapphire classic black design.

The demand for square watches in the market has not been great. Those who like it like it very much and those who do not like it have no interest at all. The only thing is that the Cartier Santos De Cartier series has always been hot. Today I will briefly introduce this Cartier Santos W20106X8 replica watch.

The size of the Cartier Santos W20106X8 replica watch is 44.2 x 35.6 mm, which is a medium-sized watch. Because it is a square setting, the visual effect looks relatively large. This replica watch is very meticulous in size, polishing, and drawing process. The materials, details of accessories, dial color, scale ratio, and other details are consistent with the original.

The case metal of the Cartier W20106X8 replica watch consists of two parts, one is a polished top cover, and the other is a brushed bezel. The material is the same, but the process is completely different, increasing the layering of the watch. The flat screw of the top cover is used for fixing and decorating. The height of the screw protrusion is flush with the polished metal, and the process reaches the authentic standard.

‚ÄčThe black Roman scale is very smooth and very full. The sapphire on the side is a black design, which is 100% consistent with the authentic watch. Eight screws also fix the bottom cover of this replica watch. Equipped with 2824 basic seagull movement, the quality is stable and can be matched with the original ETA2824. The clasp is a butterfly buckle + screw with Cartier characteristics. The back of the strap is also set in black, consistent with the authentic. If the customer has additional requirements, the crocodile strap can be customized.

The quality workmanship of this square Cartier replica watch is excellent, and the cost performance is very high. Those with higher requirements on movement or belt can be upgraded simultaneously. All in all, this is an elegant and representative high-quality replica square watch.