Fake watches uses magnesium alloy to make the case of the watch

The material is the basis of the watch, the carrier of human aesthetics and the display of value. It has always been the focus of attention and innovation of watch designers, manufacturers, sellers, users, and collectors.
Fake watches, it is said to be worn in golf. It is very difficult for copy watches not to attract the attention of both curiosity and doubters. Many love watchers are also followers of golf. However, they must take off their beloved watches before going down. The reason is simple: Advanced watches are not the opponents of golf clubs. Entangled, causing the watch to be fast or even stopped. If the impact force is larger, the hairspring may fall, the shock springs fall off, and the fast and slow needles change position. These problems are fatal to the speed control system. Fake watches uses magnesium alloy to make the case of the watch. The texture of this material is extremely strong and is often used in some modern buildings.
In addition to being sturdy, the biggest advantage of the magnesium-aluminum alloy is its lightness. Its density is only 1.74 grams per cubic centimeter. Naturally, it will not become a burden to users. For this reason, the technician performed a special ion-oxidation treatment (Titalyt II.) on the surface of the magnesium alloy, and the whitening color on the case was the result. This process enhances the hardness of the alloy, scratch resistance, and corrosion resistance.
In addition, the replica watches plate, splint and balance wheel splint are all made of 5-grade titanium alloy material, which not only allows the watch to have a good overall solidity and surface flatness, but also the basic operation of the gear in the sports environment. In simple terms, lightweight, super shock-resistant and comfortable to wear are the three characteristics of Fake Watches.
Twenty years ago, people classified ceramics as a new material in the field of watches. This gradually upgraded watchmaking material has become more mature after time and market tests. And letting ceramics make a big name in the watch industry, radar watches can be described as indispensable. Just like this copy watches, its significance is not to bring radar into a ceramic 2.0 era.
However, it is not easy to make such a material into a watch. In a high-temperature and high-pressure production environment, high-tech materials used for making watch parts are first injected into a mold and fired, and 20% of the shrinkage occurs during firing. This means that the production costs of components increase and the degree of difficulty increases accordingly. Not to mention that the dimensions, density, and hardness all have strict specifications.
After the firing process, the hardness of the case and bracelet treated by the special surface hardening technology is not only higher than that of the high-tech ceramics, but also the unique platinum light feeling of the color. From the first black-and-white ceramics to the later colored ceramics, to the present Fake Rolex watches, the initiator of the ceramics Radiator has made full use of this material, giving people an expectation of its future. Functionally speaking, this is an entry-level watch with an off-center small three-pin dial; if it is based on material theory, it is not a leisurely generation.
It is well known that niobium alloys have excellent wear resistance and scratch resistance characteristics. Because of its melting point of up to 3,000 degrees and a density of up to 16.3, niobium alloys are difficult materials to handle. It’s because of the high technical requirements
In order to echo with the neodymium alloy case exuding a unique grayish blue color, the overall appearance is harmonious, and the dial is also designed to be distant and deep blue. Another example is the use of ceramic materials in the watch and doing fine work. The ceramic circle of imitation watches is not only its own patent but also inherits the classic design of the 1965 model. This patented ceramic lettering ring is more effective than previous metal lettering to prevent scratches and erosion, and it can still keep the ceramic glossy after wearing for a long time and will not appear old.
Compared to other top-tier manufacturers at the same level, imitation watches have a more innovative spirit to try. A wide variety of innovative features and mechanical structures can be found in the brand’s concept table and special series. The idea of materials is practiced repeatedly in the Royal Oak Offshore Series.
Although Rolex replica continues the classic style of bold and bold style, but forged carbon case, black ceramic bezel, crown and chronograph buttons, after brushing (the hardness of ceramics is second only to diamonds, the difficulty of drawing process can be imagined ), titanium metal button shoulder and connecting chain, titanium buckle, a lot of high-tech materials, the details of the process enumerated all illustrate its exquisite and extraordinary.
Like the concept of “soft landing of high-tech materials” mentioned in the Geneva table show this year, the high-tech materials are carefully polished, cut into small, beautiful and decorative shapes, and fixed on the bezel and crown. , shoulder protection and other locations. In this way, the superior performance of high-tech materials is played in an upgraded manner, and it is in keeping with the form of luxury watches.