James Bond Omega Seamaster Commanders 007 Boutique Replica Watch

Today this article introduces this Omega Seamaster Commanders 007 replica watch to everyone. This watch is Omega to pay tribute to Navy Lieutenant Colonel James Bond. 1:1 satin steel decorative case, white ceramic dial, red part of the bezel uses the same red rubber material as the original. It is equipped with five-color NOTA military strap/stainless steel strap. The exclusive replica of the 2507 automatic mechanical movement red No. 7 calendar perfectly restores the authentic limited edition. Next, let’s take a look at the workmanship of this replica watch with us.

The James Bond 007 series of films was jointly produced by Albert R. Broccoli’s EON Production Company and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Film Company. In 2017, three works in the series celebrated their anniversaries, namely the 20th anniversary of “Tomorrow Never Dies,” the 40th anniversary of “The Spy Who Loved Me,” and the 50th anniversary of “You Only Live Twice.” In all three films, James Bond once wore a uniform of the Royal Navy.

Therefore, inspired by the red, white, and blue colors of the British Royal Navy flag and the navy lieutenant colonel badge pattern, Omega specially created this new Omega Seamaster series 300-meter limited edition watch to celebrate the anniversary of these three films. This Omega Seamaster Commanders 007 replica watch starts with an overall stylish atmosphere! The dial diameter is 41mm, which is not heavy at all, and the dial with red, blue, and white colors is very beautiful. This Omega replica watch is stylish!

This replica Omega watch has a 41 mm stainless steel case and a blue ceramic watch bezel. The diving scale of the ceramic watch bezel is created by Liquidmetal® technology, and the first 15 minutes of the scale are decorated with unique red rubber. The dial of the watch is made of polished white ceramic, with a blue hour scale, red “Seamaster” lettering, and blue skeleton hands. The end of the central second hand of the watch is decorated with a 007 gun logo, which is unique. In the calendar window, the number 7 is presented in bold red, and the remaining numbers are all blue.

The details of the dial of the Omega Seamaster Commanders 007 replica watches are perfect. The luminous filling of the pointer and the three-dimensional time scale is just right. The pointer has sharp edges and no burrs. The size ratio of the calendar window is in place. The font is smooth and has a three-dimensional sense. The transparent and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass surface is embedded, and the blue coating process is adopted. The blue light effect emitted under the light makes the watch mirror more beautiful! The black ceramic bezel uses silver and white to depict the diving scale on the bezel, and the effect is more clear!

The brushed finish on the side of this Omega replica watch is very delicate, plus the perfect combination of arc and thickness, making the case full of beauty! The crown workmanship is excellent, and the teeth are polished with unevenness, which is very neat, and the overall effect is more ornamental! The English letters on the bottom shell are very delicately portrayed, and the unique appearance design of the bottom shell makes people more visually pleasing! Equipped with a replica 2507 automatic mechanical movement, the performance is stable and perfect!

This replica Omega Seamaster Commanders 007 watch is exquisite in overall workmanship. The case with a diameter of 41 mm, designed in red, white, and blue, pays tribute to the British Royal Navy, adding a solemn feeling to the watch, which is deeply fascinating.