Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra World Time AAA Replica Watch

To commemorate the Aqua Terra series15th anniversary has been launched, Omega specially released a brand new world time watch, the watch face with GMT function is very personal. The time of each region on the dial and the Earth pattern in the middle is very distinctive, making the whole watch look nobler. Today this article will bring you the top replica version of this Omega watch! Let’s take a look at the workmanship of this luxury replica watch!

The Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra World Time replica watch has a diameter of 43mm and a 316L stainless steel case. The CNC handles all the details, and after polishing, it looks very smooth and perfectly presents the authentic texture effect. The time letters on each area of ​​the inner circle of the watch are printed neatly and accurately with uniform spacing.

The tapered scales and hands on the dial surface of the watch are filled with luminous materials, so they are full and do not overflow. The 6 o’clock calendar has a three-dimensional shape, and the font of the calendar is printed in the middle. All the lines in the watch dial are formed in one piece, which fully reflects its three-dimensional sense. The multi-layer dial is superimposed and fixed, so the northern hemisphere world in the center of the dial is fired by enamel technology, and the overall dial is perfect.

This replica Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra World Time watch uses polished steel hands (copper embryo hands are not used, because the polished steel hands do not require electroplating after processing, the process is difficult, and the cost is quite high), and the three-dimensional effect is powerful. The polished cut surface is smoother, and the sapphire crystal glass has a double colorless coating.

The coating makes the mirror surface more transparent and can still read the time under strong light. The LOGO on the crown of this replica Omega watch is engraved with exquisite and three-dimensional, the pits are polished neatly, and the depth is consistent. The sides are finely brushed, the lugs of the lugs are perfectly finished and chamfered, making them look more textured.

The bottom cover mirror adopts sapphire crystal, and the movement is equipped with a 2836 automatic mechanical movement. World time can be adjusted quickly, and the function is the same as the original! The lettering on the movement is filled with red, and the color of the gemstone is very close to the genuine one. The overall simulation is extremely high, and the function is the same as the genuine one. The travel time is accurate and stable.

This Omega replica watch is made of Italian cowhide imitation crocodile leather. The slub pattern on the strap is extremely delicate, and it feels soft and comfortable after wearing, which fits the wrist. This unique replica watch is impressive with its special design. This Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra World Time replica watch is a very classic dress series. Watch friends who like World Time may wish to pay attention to this high-quality replica watch!