Rolex Deepsea Sea-Dweller Deep Blue 116660 Mens Replica Watch

Today’s article is a detailed analysis of the 44MM replica Rolex Deepsea series 116660. In all previous articles, there is little mention of this Swiss replica watch, because the difference between this replica watch and the Rolex Submariner series is not obvious. Rolex Deepsea series 116660 and Rolex Submariner series have a lot in common, and they are all diving watches, the appearance is also very similar.

The size of this replica Rolex Deepsea series 116660 is 44MM, which is more suitable for burly watch friends. This is also one of the most important reasons why many watch lovers choose this replica watch. This replica Rolex watch’s sapphire mirror’s convex mirror effect is not as strong as the effect of the Rolex Submariner series. After all, the size of the watch is large, so the light concentration point has weakened. The silver and white scale on the outer ring of the watch is clear and clear!

This Rolex Deepsea 116660 replica watch is mainly made of 316 stainless steel. The silver-white scale of the ceramic ring of the watch’s outer ring is perfect at every angle, and the polished mouth of the gear position of the outer ring is also very round. This replica Rolex Deepsea series watch uses an oyster case, with a unidirectional rotating ceramic outer ring, and is also equipped with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass lens, and the lens thickness reaches 5 mm.

The mirror of this replica Rolex 116660 watch is very transparent and can see each time scale point clearly. The black scale of the RING LOCK SYSTEM on the inner ring of the watch adopts laser engraving technology. After multiple production processes, it looks obvious and will not fade. From the side of this Rolex 116660 replica watch, the position of each time point is consistent with the height. The saturation of the luminous position point and the luminous power of the big three needles is perfect.

The material of the back cover is titanium metal, and the bottom cover is a double-layer design. This design is to better protect the back shell of the titanium metal while increasing the waterproof performance of the watch and better protecting the watch during diving. The font of the bottom cover is infinitely close to the authentic product, and the same laser engraving design is used as a genuine product, and the scale is clear and clear.

The color of the dial of this replica Rolex 116660 watch is gradual, symbolizing the color of the ocean from shallow to deep, and the darkest color from the bottom is black. This watch is produced to commemorate a famous submersible (James Cameron). The screw-in waterproof head specially designed for diving, has an excellent waterproof effect and smooth and rounded edges.

The movement of this replica Rolex 116660 watch is equipped with the ETA2836 movement. The movement quality is stable, and the error is tiny. As a Rolex replica watch with a closed bottom design, this is a perfect replica watch. The strap is designed with a retractable Glidelock extension system that can extend the strap to 2-3 cm.

Today I have a comprehensive and straightforward analysis of this Rolex Deepsea series 116660 replica watch. This replica watch has excellent performance, stable quality, and a very low price. If you also like this cheap replica watch, don’t hesitate! I believe this high-quality replica watch will bring you an enjoyable experience.