Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M Perfect Replica Watch

When we mention Omega Seamaster, we cannot ignore its powerful waterproof function. Omega Seamaster 600M has a waterproof depth of 600 meters. In addition to its excellent waterproof performance, the most eye-catching thing is its black and orange matte aluminum unidirectional rotating diving bezel echoing the orange numbers on the dial. The second hand of this watch also incorporates an orange design. Today this article will take you to understand this Omega Seamaster top replica watch.

This replica Omega Seamaster watch is equipped with abrasion-resistant sapphire crystals and the sandblasted metal dial with Arabic numerals. This replica Omega 43.5mm grade 5 titanium case is paired with the world’s first gray silicon nitride ceramic bezel with orange rubber. The bezel diving scale is refined with Liquidmetal®. It can be seen that many popular elements vary on this Omega Seamaster replica watch, which can be said to be a perfect replica watch.

The logo lettering of this Omega Seamaster replica watch is clear, the three-dimensional sense is very high, and the hands are also the same gray design as the dial design. The workmanship of the ceramic circle and diving circle is excellent. The movement of this Omega replica watch uses 2824 as the basic movement. The 2824 movement is a two-way clockwork and has a second stop function, and the stability is excellent. The ruby ​​color of the movement is even, and the polishing of the splint is also beautiful enough.

The splint of the movement has the same Omega English as the original, and the number next to it is the independent number of the movement. The four corners of the watch have steel stamps, such as the serial number of the watch, and the material of the watch is reflected here. The crown of the watch and the exhaust valve is also commendable. The frosted and polished positions are distinct, and the maneuverability of adjusting the time is very good.

The helium exhaust valve helps the helium that penetrates into the watch due to water pressure during diving to be discharged when the pressure is reduced, thereby enhancing the protection of the watch. The strap of this Omega Seamaster replica watch is made of different materials on both the front and back sides. The rubber material design is close to the inside of the wrist, and the canvas strap design is on the front. This design is very conducive to friends who like diving. It is easy to dry and comfortable.

In terms of color, this excellent Omega Seamaster replica watch has a perfect combination of orange and gray, and its recognition is very high. In summer, wearing it on the beach can definitely attract everyone’s attention, and this Omega Seamaster replica watch has a certain waterproof ability, there is no pressure on the seaside surfing and diving.