Patek Philippe Annual Calendar 5396R Replica Luxury Watch

As long as watch enthusiasts, they would like to own a Patek Philippe watch, because Patek Philippe is regarded as the king of the watch. This is not an unreliable watch brand ranking but recognized by consumers, collectors, and various brands.

But in the face of the high price of genuine Patek Philippe, it is not easy to own it. Today, I will describe this latest Patek Philippe Annual Calendar 5396R replica watch for everyone. It is built according to the genuine Patek Philippe details 1:1 so that you can have the quality of a real watch at the price of a fake watch.

This replica Patek Philippe is the best replica of the watch on the market, and it is also the first high-quality replica watch that brings together dates, weeks, months, and moon phases. All functional details are consistent with the genuine. Crystal sapphire mirror, burnt blue steel hands, the original folding buckle of the same version, at any cost, the movement imported from Japan 9015 is used to change to the original Cal.324S movement.

The dial of this Patek Philippe replica watch is beige-white. The Arabic numerals are marked with three-dimensional gold material, and the design of the pointer also uses white gold blade-type pointers. The slender feel and neat and straightforward color design make the whole watch more gentle and elegant. At 12 o’clock, there is a classic PP logo, which is a symbol of the glory of each Patek Philippe watch, and it is also a witness of quality. Below the logo, there are display windows for week and month, and the black font is more transparent and clear against the white background.

In addition to the intuitive moon phase display, the six o’clock position is also designed with a 24-hour dial and a date display window. The overall shape is vigorous. The function is practical and convenient! Classic shape to interpret the extraordinary plot of this advanced replica watch. Soft lines, noble elegance and exquisite craftsmanship, relentless pursuit of perfection.

The rose gold case of this Patek Philippe 5396R replica watch is polished and polished to the extreme, the hand feel is very comfortable, and there will be no cut feel. In addition to the brand crown, there are hidden buttons on both sides of the case, which are aimed at the functions in different dials. This design allows users to easily adjust and will not destroy the overall smooth shape of the watch!

Adopt 9015 imitation Cal.324S movement imported from Japan, sapphire crystal back reveals the beauty of this replica Patek Philippe watch’s unique movement! The brown leather strap has a natural texture and a full texture, and it is also very comfortable to use. With a unique Patek Philippe folding buckle, the overall atmosphere is extraordinary and straightforward!

This Patek Philippe replica watch has a classic and elegant design, and its functions are more practical and convenient. It attracts many watch fans who love Patek Philippe with its high-cost performance!